Tolerant Atheist?

Why must atheists tolerate religious people? Doesn’t that go against their core beliefs?

Atheists could of course be intolerant towards the religious people, and I am pretty sure the religious people would return the favour too. But this isn’t mathematics. Two negatives don’t make a positive. Intolerance does not cancel out intolerance. If they both become intolerant, they won’t be able to engage at all. They will only end up building walls around themselves.

Now they may truly believe that the walls are locking the others out, but if they think about it more rationally, they will realise that these same walls also lock them inside. Who wants to be locked in?

As an atheist, I think it’s always better to engage and debate with religious people. That way, I am keeping the doors open for the exchange of ideas. And often, I end up learning a lot too.

Let’s stop the hatred, can we?


2 thoughts on “Tolerant Atheist?

  1. Stop the hatred? I think you are confused. I think you’ll find that when religious people talk to non-religious people like they are people, rather than possible converts or demon spawn, things go pretty well. That’s right. If people would keep their silly beliefs to themselves things would be pretty good. That, in turn, generally keeps their silly beliefs from becomming dangerous, in which case we are all better off


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