Ideal Politician

With New Delhi engaged in the 2015 Re-Elections of the 2013 Elections, the city has been buzzing with heated arguments, dipped in political flavour, and streets brimming with activists and supporters. I indulge in political debates regularly and quite often have found myself among a bunch of ignorant enthusiasts with absolutely no idea about the jibberish they put up to support their neta. 

The past fortnight witnessed an unusual, meteoric rise in the interest in politics among the youth. Admittedly it is a good thing, but people should actually know what they are about to say before they say it. I have overheard so many bullshit conversations in public transit and while waiting for public transit, on why the party they support has the bunch of ideal politicians. Completely flawless, divine people who are destined to lead the plethora of our ignorant population.

My definition of an ideal politician goes as follows:

A Politician should be able to create a party, plan a conspiracy, butcher opposition, conn a government, design a communal formula.

Write an idealistic budget, balance scam figures, build an ally, set a broken ally, woo the voters, take orders from high command, give orders to workers, cooperate with allies, act on whims and fancies.

Solve electoral equations, invent a new problem, speak gibberish, program a voter’s mind, cook custom made socialism and secularism.

Ban internet freedom, fight critics, win every time. 

Much as anyone in the mainstream media would like to portray this as the ultimate battle of national ramifications between BJP and AAP, this election though is more about the fight of Congress for its own existence and survival.

I heard people talking on why they should vote for the party promising free WiFi for them. That’s equivalent to a beggar voting for the party that dropped him an underhand liquor bottle the night before polling.

Divided by opinions

United by Ignorance.



One thought on “Ideal Politician

  1. Politicians also have limited powers brother. I admit that they do scams but you see, Indian politics is slowly shifting to a new era. An era of transparency and accountability. Don’t you see public standing on the shoulders of politicians these days? don’t you see people rising above castism and voting for real issues !!!


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