Would You Lie Online?

Lying has been humanity’s favourite hobby since the oldest of eras.

But What is lying?

Lying is not just hiding the complete truth from someone.

It can be misguiding someone or hiding less important details.

People lie all the time, how many of you have told someone that you are on your way while you weren’t even literally out of your house?

Or tell someone that you ‘G2g’ (Got to go) on Facebook when you were bored of talking to that very person?

I’m sure almost all of us have done that. Yes, me too.

Guilty as Charged.

But the question remains that in today’s world where anything and everything you do leaves a trace, should you lie or more precisely should you lie online?

The answer is, try avoiding it.

Things such as Facebook, Text messages, Email etc. can be very easy to manipulate in helping you tell a lie. But the fix here is that whatever we do online, we leave a trace of it.

This ‘trace’ is informally called your very own ‘Online Fingerprint’.

An ‘Online Fingerprint’ can be anything from your browser’s saved history or archived messages in your friends’ inbox.

Never sign up for sites using fake information with the same email address you use because this can be easily traced back to you using the most simple tool, the friend to all, your very favourite, Google.

You must be wondering, what difference does it make if someone knows you lied and has proof of it.

Well, your question contains the answer.

Speculate this imaginary scenario where you lie to one of your friends about you being somewhere where you actually aren’t. The friend tells his mom that he is going to meet you and leaves his house and doesn’t return home for more than 24 hours.

Now the friend is missing and when his archive is being checked, the police realize its you who he must have gone out to meet.

As crazy as this must sound but you are dragged into the whole disappearing of your friend and now you are a potential suspect too.

This may be a speculation but that doesn’t make it being any less possible. Situations like these can be counted to hundreds or even millions. One simple lie, which when traced turns the whole situation upside down.

This networked age cannot be relied onto for lying. Lying must have been easy back in the days when no record of any lie could be found. But a fake profile from a recognized Email Identity and you are screwed.

I’ll conclude by pointing out the fact that honesty may have not been the best policy in the situations that relate to your life but for the virtual life that everyone lives now, try not to lie(wisely).


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