My Thoughts on Love

Read This. She’s Amazing! :’)

Lunar Dragoness🌙

It’s 3:28 at night, and I need to start work on a bunch of stuff I’ve been procrastinating for weeks. Well, I guess I can wait another hour.

I’ve wanted to write about this forever, but I just couldn’t. I was either too happy to think rationally, or too sad. I guess I do work in extremes.


I’m scared to admit it, but deep inside, I’m a hopeless romantic. (I know, I don’t look or talk like it.) I love the concept of love. I love watching other people talk about love. I love hearing other people’s stories of love. Heck, I just love love. But in no way does this mean that I crave it, or need it. I just enjoy it from afar.

I guess we’re all mature enough to understand that love is so much more than what meets the eye. Love, is the deep-rooted answer…

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