What I See In The Mirror.

Its funny because yesterday I looked at the mirror and started to think, “Am I the same person, the same one who I was four years ago?”
“No”, replied my conscience, “No, you aren’t the same person, you have made choices, you have had regrets, you have changed, you have grown.”

Shattered by the waves of a million moments and instant flashbacks, I wondered and pondered over the thought, “Have I become someone I am not or was I the same person but hidden in a bubble, locked away from the world floating in my own paradise?”

I have made choices and decisions that people advised me not to. Choices, that I regret. I feel like a disappointment to almost everyone I know.

My brother was a perfect ‘prodigy’. Good at everything he did. Marvelous at every task he performed. Stupendous in every deed he did. But when I look at my parents talking about me, I never see the contentment that they had on their faces when it was ‘his’ time. He is a grown man now, while I’m on the path to becoming one.

I wish I had understood what was right at the correct time. I wish I had listened.

When I look at the mirror daily, all I see is a kid, who has no friends because he drove everyone away.

An outcast at school hidden behind the masquerade of his confident smile. I was planning to do everything my brother did but when I reached his age, the same age when he shone like a star in a dark galaxy, I failed.

I couldn’t step in his shoes, they just didn’t seem to fit my feet. I tried and tried but to no avail was I like him.

I was different.

I am different.

The world has to realize that I am not the person I can never be.

I may not be perfect, I may not be the school captain, I may not be confident but I am me and I no longer want to become like my brother, because when I look at the mirror now, I don’t see a disappointment instead I see me.


One thought on “What I See In The Mirror.

  1. Our house mirrior is very old.. I mean, when i was in school and barely 3 feet in height, I used to get ready in front of that and same today.. But I am 6 feet now and barely fit into the mirror.. Someday, I want to meet that guy, small school going baby.. I mean, You are not what you were 4 years ago.. Someday, If your 4 years old self will meet you face to face, you both will feel the difference…


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