There is too much hatred in this world.

Life – as we know it is good to some and bad to some but that is not what we know, that is what we think, that is what we are made to believe by the so-called ‘Perks’ that some people or some classes enjoy, the so-called perks which some of us are denied for.

These perks may be anything from an iPhone to a Sedan to Government Reservations to Money to a Big House and these divisions, perks, differences cause just one single thing – Hatred.

I get that human beings are meant to be selfish, we were engineered to be like that but then, I also realize that human beings are meant to be compassionate which we definitely aren’t.

We deny these facts because humans are also meant to show denial as a feeling. We deny the very realities which are too harsh to accept for us, its a self coping mechanism hard-coded into the program that controls our brain but that is not exactly what this post is about.

Zoom into the conditions of India and you will see three big divisions which are further bifurcated into there respective distinctive classes.
1. The Rich
2. The Middle
The Upper
The Lower
3. The Poor

These classes are a major reason for crimes that are happening at a rate increasing to the umpteen limits – rapes, murders, mass killing, torture.

The only reason for these crimes and inhuman actions is the hatred caused by the divisions existing in India or any other developing country for that matter.

Have you ever talked to an auto-driver about anything else than to negotiate the amount he charges you for his service?

Probably not.

Has a vegetable vendor ever tried not to sell you something at a just price but rather increase the price two-folds?

Probably not either.

These events in the daily life are caused because of just one little detail of our lives – Hatred towards each other.

We hate the class below us because they are not like us.

The class below us hates us because we are a little better off than them.

That is the harsh reality some of us unknowingly choose to deny.

Why does an auto-rickshaw driver rape a high profile girl?

Because he has overgrown lust?

Because the girl wears seducing clothes?

Because he had opportunity?

No, none of these.

He does that just out of frustration, he is frustrated that his entire life is spent in picking up and dropping a thousand girls like this one.

Is that fair?

Not at all but that isn’t what I’m writing about.
I am writing about the hatred we have for each other due to the divisions created by our ethnicity, appearance, status.

We start hating teachers just because they don’t behave well, who knows what all do we not say about them. From killing them over 100 times in our brain to accusing them of being insane in our heads.

But is that right? Can we judge someone by the way they behave when all they are doing is their job?

Maybe they just have a problem they are dealing with, cut them some slack.

Why can’t we stop this feeling of world hatred. Every person seems to hate the other based on simple differences.

Now I see that even though it was wrong but Hitler had a point, when everyone in the world would be same there wouldn’t exist differences based on appearances or ethnicity or class or status. The world would be a better place, happier too.
Cut everyone some slack, learn why they behave the way they do, try to improve yourself or at least learn to hide some details.

If your best friend isn’t that rich or cannot afford everything, don’t tell him every single detail about how you live, how you do things, what you got for you birthday and stuff. Instead try to fit into his definition of fun, try to learn from him.
Next time an auto-driver tells you a price that you know is fine or even close to it, don’t argue, don’t hate, don’t fight just smile and sit in the auto.

When a vegetable vendor tries to trick you, talk to him – don’t shout at him, maybe he’ll agree, which all of us know he does but don’t drop the rate to the limit that the ‘who-tricks-who’ gets reversed.

Just live normally, happily and do not hate each other.

Differences were, are and maybe will remain but don’t hate each other. Just like every harsh detail is denied by your conscience, deny some of these differences too.


Don’t fall in Love with people like me.

I will take you to museums, and parks and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting like blood in your mouth.
I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible.
And when I am done with you, you will finally understand why storms are named after people.



The Pope was arguing with an Atheist about the existence of God and failing to get his point across. They had been arguing for two hours and finally the Pope in frustration sat down.

“Listen,” said the Pope, “You are like a man in a dark room, with no lights and windows, wearing a blindfold looking for a black cat that isn’t there. What do you say to that?”

The Atheist thought for a moment.

“Yes your Holiness, you are probably right,” he said, “but you are also like a man in a dark room, with no lights and windows, wearing a blindfold looking for a black cat that isn’t there. The only difference is, you have found the cat.”

What I See In The Mirror.

Its funny because yesterday I looked at the mirror and started to think, “Am I the same person, the same one who I was four years ago?”
“No”, replied my conscience, “No, you aren’t the same person, you have made choices, you have had regrets, you have changed, you have grown.”

Shattered by the waves of a million moments and instant flashbacks, I wondered and pondered over the thought, “Have I become someone I am not or was I the same person but hidden in a bubble, locked away from the world floating in my own paradise?”

I have made choices and decisions that people advised me not to. Choices, that I regret. I feel like a disappointment to almost everyone I know.

My brother was a perfect ‘prodigy’. Good at everything he did. Marvelous at every task he performed. Stupendous in every deed he did. But when I look at my parents talking about me, I never see the contentment that they had on their faces when it was ‘his’ time. He is a grown man now, while I’m on the path to becoming one.

I wish I had understood what was right at the correct time. I wish I had listened.

When I look at the mirror daily, all I see is a kid, who has no friends because he drove everyone away.

An outcast at school hidden behind the masquerade of his confident smile. I was planning to do everything my brother did but when I reached his age, the same age when he shone like a star in a dark galaxy, I failed.

I couldn’t step in his shoes, they just didn’t seem to fit my feet. I tried and tried but to no avail was I like him.

I was different.

I am different.

The world has to realize that I am not the person I can never be.

I may not be perfect, I may not be the school captain, I may not be confident but I am me and I no longer want to become like my brother, because when I look at the mirror now, I don’t see a disappointment instead I see me.