Dear Teacher, Who Told You PCM Equals Engineering?

In our country, lie many rat races.

But, the prime two races are between the students who want to pursue engineering after their 10+2 and the students who want to pursue medical after their 10+2, these are ‘the’ students not ‘all’ students.

Some just take up PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) because they want to study the subjects and not get into engineering without even thinking.

After so many years of convincing, many parents finally gave up the self-proclaimed right of choosing their ward’s career stream.

This change is good but not enough, because it is the institutions now, who have started taking it for granted that PCM equals Engineering and PCB equals the Medical Field.

One fine day, I was talking to a friend who was constantly complaining about his school management and how they aren’t providing children with the ‘Engineering’ and ‘Medical’ sections.

I ignored all of what he was cribbing about, but what caught my interest was this particular phrase, ‘The Engineering Section’.

Upon further explanation about this I finally grabbed the idea of career streams in his school. It was simple but dumb, unfair if you may.

The idea of the management was that the children opting for PCM and PCB were to enter Engineering and Medical Professions respectively. I do realize that almost 80-90% Indian students DO follow this convention but if you ask me, this is nothing but a clichéd opinion about what students want to do with their life.

Who says if I opt for PCM then I would go for Engineering?

Possible, it is.

Guaranteed, it is not.

Then comes the teacher who taught us a demo class for Physics.

He had his own ‘idea’ about how much focused a student is. So, this great guy from Bihar who has taught the Super-30 asks the students about how many of them want to crack the IIT-JEE and when just three hands stood up, he exclaimed, “Only three students are focused here, surprising”.

It was surprising, not just for him but for me too, what if someone doesn’t wanna go for the IIT?

What if they aren’t interested to study Engineering?

So, does this imply that they aren’t focused or they are worthless and don’t wanna do anything in the future standing just behind a two-year window. Who the hell are people like these to tell a student that he isn’t focused?

Seriously, if he wasn’t 15 years older, he would have gone out of the room with a broken nose.

I don’t get the point, is the mind of the average Indian limited or have they taken everything and everyone for granted?

If a teacher or student reads this, please comment and/or share this article with other teachers, students and adults you know. Thanks for reading.

Via – Deepansh Khurana


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