Open Letter To Chetan Bhagat


I would begin by congratulating you on the release of your latest book “Half Girlfriend” and for the success of the movie 2 States which was an adaptation of your book. But this isn’t the purpose of this post.

I don’t hate you.

I hate your work, and so do many others, because it’s poorly written, unrealistic and is better suited for Bollywood than the written word.

Simple. I also hate the whole cultural phenomenon that it’s spawned with people publishing masala novels written in exaggerated style.

That said, you have been very honest and open about what sort of writer you are, and I respect that.

Man, you have an awful sentence structure and grammar.

I mean, get a proofreader or an editor.

Don’t they provide you with one?

Or maybe you are trying to imitate the vernacular, but it’s a bit hard to buy that when the narrator talks so awkwardly. I think while it’s alright to write a shabby story, it’s not okay to claim to be a published author and have typos in your book. Hire a proper editor, FFS!

Appealing to the majority, though is profitable to the individual, is not his admirable trait, unless we consider the nature of his fame. You could be doing literary whoring for the public better than most people could.
I know. I have read some Indian porn stories with better flow and dare I say, better story lines. This would not make you admirable.
Also, your over-simplified solutions to India’s problems and assuming the mantle of India’s youth icon is what pisses me off.
Given that you know the scenario, an average internet pseudo intellectual might believe that he can write better than you, however he forgets that writing and publishing books is more about Marketing, Credentials, Luck, Story than it’s about Grammar when you want to sell it to Indian youth.
Don’t you think you’ve done enough damage but clamouring the market by your utterly mediocre books which does not give way to writers who might be able to give a new dimension to Indian readers?
You’ve inspired an entire cult of Indie fiction in Indian market which are repetitive, insignificant, sappy and yet, the only thing publishers want to see nowadays.

The art becomes admirable when it is genuine, thought provoking ( not implying preachy) and most of all beautiful.

Your work, as kitschy as it comes, is comparable more to a reality show, or porn for its lethargic nature.

Such art forms although appealing should not be promoted because it is not good for the progress of the society.

Another point that comes up when we debate the value of your literature, is the number of people he had inspired to start reading.

This is a pointless claim.

Let’s say, there are a lot of people who listen to MTV’s pop culture but never make out of it.

It is never to be forgotten that reading good books and not reading in general is considered a good habit.


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