I didn’t want to wake up.

I was having a much better time asleep. 

It was almost like a reverse nightmare. 

When you wake up from a nightmare, you’re so relieved. 

I woke up into a nightmare. 

Compliment or what?

“Kya item lag rahi hai yaar!”

I happened to stumble upon these words on a girl’s profile picture in my friends’ list. Such comments weren’t new to me, but what caught my attention was that the comment was made by a girl & liked promptly by my friend. Now, the word ‘Item’ is a common colloquial in the West, where it is used to address couples in love. But, we Indians have misconstrued it, true to our nature of commoditising women.

“Hot !”

Another comment read. Are you a thermometer, my fingers itched to comment.

What ever happened to eloquent words like stunning, exquisite, ravishing, intoxicating or bewitching ? Is civilised & courteous speech a thing of the past ?

It won’t be long before ‘boobs’ & ‘ass’ becomes a colloquial with women too, like it already has with men; just as ‘sexy’ has become the jazzy lingo to describe pretty much anything & everything, much to my chagrin. Earlier, I had noticed a lot of boys referring to their girlfriends as ‘meri item’ & ‘maal’, but what made me cringe was when girls started calling themselves that . Is this the kind of self-image that we should be proud about ?

How can you accuse & defend yourselves against men commoditising women as sex-objects, when girls start doing so? Feminism is reduced to a mere joke, if we indulge in male-bashing & then objectify ourselves under the guise of ’empowerment’.

Striving for equal rights & respect has gotten you this far & will take no further. The reason is quite simple – in many situations, you already have equal rights as men! In fact, you have more. Sounds unbelievable, right?

That being said, it is important to note that men have always been projected as the villains in real life, as if making them villains in reel life wasn’t enough. Calling all men as incorrigible perverts is as illogical & unfair as saying, a girl who wears skimpy clothes deserves to be raped. Women often forget that even men are human; and some, wonderful humans at heart.

How poor is your vocabulary?

Today a guy raised a big question mark onto my vocabulary, he advised me to use a thesaurus and thus use better words in my writing.

Yes I know, I may not have the best words under my sleeve, I may not have the most beautiful phrases and tongue twisting but vocabulary solely doesn’t decide the power of sharing your content. I believe that it too lies in the simplicity of your words, in the depth of your content, the suave in your substance, the charm in your matter and not just a bunch of fancy words.

If someone can feel the emotion I want to convey in my article using a vocabulary equivalent to a 5th grade kid, I would be happier than using words terra incognita, making the reader feel like an ape. If I would make you check the dictionary in every second sentence of your read, I don’t think its even worth reading, unless, you’re reading just for the sake of reading it. It’s not an encyclopedia damnit, or your chemistry textbook to mug up. If you read something and it hits you, I’d feel satisfied as an author. If I can make you feel the power of my words that they echo in your head a week after you’ve felt them, that is the best response I can achieve.

Very few people use/say/write/text some lengthy Salman Rushdie-ish love letter to their loved one and would rather say ‘I love you’ instead. Why? The girl may reject you because of your immensely poor vocab. Come on.