Look Up? Social Media and Life coexist.

Its summer vacay and well, I am bored and have nothing too good or too questionable happening around me but today while a random conversation about Facebook it struck me, a video titled ‘Look Up’ was viral a month back and it was pretty true in whatever was portrayed.

It was too true, that’s the problem.

Nothing too true or honest exists in today’s society. Here is the video.

Irony is that Look Up was shared by Gary Turk on Youtube and it got viral thanks to Social Media. Nobody knew him before and now everyone is talking about him. This is a perfect example of how Social Media and Life coexist if a balance is created between them. 

So, while the random conversation proceeded I kept realising where Look Up was flawed.

We have to live life, that part is completely right but letting others know about where we travelled and where we are and what we’re doing and what is happening to us and our lives is a basic human tendency. Humans were born to show-off, hence, expensive phones, cars, ornaments etc. We like bragging about the best part of our lives. Nobody tells you they live in a trailer on Social Media but you would know that they have an iPhone or that they like Eminem. That’s what it is.

We are creatures who feed on their achievements and ego, no matter how less they are in comparison to others.

Making your first pancake or a cup of tea is an achievement, no matter how mundane it is and there is no harm in sharing a picture with an honest story saying how bad you made it. Social Media done right is a brilliant thing to both your self-esteem and your place in your circle. More likes means more goodie points for you or more pats on the back for you.

Why is that wrong? That’s where the next part comes in.

There is a thin line between Social Media done right and Social Media publicly assassinated.

The fine line is generally crossed. There are a few things people don’t understand.

A friend is to be added on Social Media, not the other way round.

Achievements are made in life and shared on Social Media, not the other way round.

A classic example is someone bragging about their Followers on Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter to their friends during hanging out. It isn’t supposed to work that way. Doing something or having a hangout is an event to be shared, which might gain you followers or not, not the other way round. You do not make followers and brag about them to people. That’s stupid.

Another example is clearly shown by Facebook always telling you to only accept requests from people you know in real life. Adding someone, knowing them and meeting them in real life is pointless and absurd but all of us have done that at least once in that order.

Look up dude
You may get neck cervical as well. 

The video above tells you to leave your phone at your house calling it a distraction.

I’d say take it with you, well, because it’s a device meant to stay in your pocket. -_- It helps family to find you, talk to you, inform you about something important and other related things.

The catch is not taking it out of your pocket unless it is needed. Clicking a picture, take it out. Getting a call, take it out. Having a conversation at dinner with a girl, do not take it out unless you are getting a call.

That’s what the video shows. The guy is busy texting or playing Like for Like while the girl is looking at him with dismay. That is wrong.

If a balance between Social Media, Smartphones and Life were to be made in the correct order and not messing it up, it will prove really good for you and bring a lot of positivity into your life.

Actions are to be done in life then shared on Social Media, the vice-versa thing doesn’t work here at all.

That’s it. Look Up is good but it is flawed. Too much of one thing can be dangerous as well.

Playing is good and sharing how awesome you guys looked while playing or how much fun you had with Shivam Jha and 5 other people is not wrong either.

Share or not to share is a personal call anyway. Still, I think a little ego boost hurts no one, right?

My name is Shivam and You are awesome.

Thanks for reading. Any comments and criticism is much appreciated!


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