I fail to understand how attacking and destroying/damaging public property, in any way, is a mark of protest.

Attacking and vandalizing public transport buses are the first image you would see on news channels whenever there is a communal fight. The very public property that is purchased and maintained from our own money is set ablaze even at the drop of a hat from their political masters.

I also get amazed at how we have so many people who are sitting idle at their homes waiting for such a news to come, raid the roads to attack innocent, innocuous office-goers/business-doers.

Fruit/vegetable vendors, rickshaw drivers, shop owners are the first ones to face the ire of these morons. They not only lose business but during such situations the rioters get a free run to the loot them.

I wonder if the rioters are in the wait of such opportunities to stock up their monthly ration.

Why I write this today? Some moron allegedly from the official minority community of India posted a morphed picture of Shivaji, inviting the official majority community of India to thrash him, which they did.

He asked for it himself , if I may add.

BUT But but.. This gave some idiots a reason to stop public transport buses, beat up some people, cause them trouble and nuisance, disrupt public life.

Now only if someone could beat them up too – I would say acche din aane wale hain.

India_Parliament_Mayhem__systems@deccanmail t2


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