I am just another 16year old highly functioning sociopath living in New Delhi, India. An amateur blogger.

I began blogging only this year after I read an article on how the social media and internet are taking over our lives and killing off productivity among teenager. Although the report was about North American youth, I read the whole article and felt perplexed. Well, I have had access to Internet for about 6 years now, and all I had ever done … was checked my email thrice a day, randomly stalked my school crushes on Facebook, browse the trending topics on Twitter, read my RSS feeds, looked up my favorite band and shows on Wikipedia, vanity googled myself everyday, google-earthed my own home, cyber-stalked my ex, going broke in online poker and then reliving rags to riches again and again.

Well, I had never tried blogging! With the new year was approaching, and my lovely English teacher advising me to write anything on a regular basis other than journal, to improve upon my writing, I began on Tumblr. And it was a pretty good experience, I managed to attract some followers and pester people till they read my articles. After 6 months and 99 articles published, I feel its time to step it up a notch to a somewhat pro blogging site. So after sorting out the dreadful customizing issues, I’m hitting with WordPress. Let the migration begin.

Please hit the follow button and I bet you would love my posts. 🙂


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