Look Up? Social Media and Life coexist.

Its summer vacay and well, I am bored and have nothing too good or too questionable happening around me but today while a random conversation about Facebook it struck me, a video titled ‘Look Up’ was viral a month back and it was pretty true in whatever was portrayed.

It was too true, that’s the problem.

Nothing too true or honest exists in today’s society. Here is the video.

Irony is that Look Up was shared by Gary Turk on Youtube and it got viral thanks to Social Media. Nobody knew him before and now everyone is talking about him. This is a perfect example of how Social Media and Life coexist if a balance is created between them. 

So, while the random conversation proceeded I kept realising where Look Up was flawed.

We have to live life, that part is completely right but letting others know about where we travelled and where we are and what we’re doing and what is happening to us and our lives is a basic human tendency. Humans were born to show-off, hence, expensive phones, cars, ornaments etc. We like bragging about the best part of our lives. Nobody tells you they live in a trailer on Social Media but you would know that they have an iPhone or that they like Eminem. That’s what it is.

We are creatures who feed on their achievements and ego, no matter how less they are in comparison to others.

Making your first pancake or a cup of tea is an achievement, no matter how mundane it is and there is no harm in sharing a picture with an honest story saying how bad you made it. Social Media done right is a brilliant thing to both your self-esteem and your place in your circle. More likes means more goodie points for you or more pats on the back for you.

Why is that wrong? That’s where the next part comes in.

There is a thin line between Social Media done right and Social Media publicly assassinated.

The fine line is generally crossed. There are a few things people don’t understand.

A friend is to be added on Social Media, not the other way round.

Achievements are made in life and shared on Social Media, not the other way round.

A classic example is someone bragging about their Followers on Instagram or Pinterest or Twitter to their friends during hanging out. It isn’t supposed to work that way. Doing something or having a hangout is an event to be shared, which might gain you followers or not, not the other way round. You do not make followers and brag about them to people. That’s stupid.

Another example is clearly shown by Facebook always telling you to only accept requests from people you know in real life. Adding someone, knowing them and meeting them in real life is pointless and absurd but all of us have done that at least once in that order.

Look up dude
You may get neck cervical as well. 

The video above tells you to leave your phone at your house calling it a distraction.

I’d say take it with you, well, because it’s a device meant to stay in your pocket. -_- It helps family to find you, talk to you, inform you about something important and other related things.

The catch is not taking it out of your pocket unless it is needed. Clicking a picture, take it out. Getting a call, take it out. Having a conversation at dinner with a girl, do not take it out unless you are getting a call.

That’s what the video shows. The guy is busy texting or playing Like for Like while the girl is looking at him with dismay. That is wrong.

If a balance between Social Media, Smartphones and Life were to be made in the correct order and not messing it up, it will prove really good for you and bring a lot of positivity into your life.

Actions are to be done in life then shared on Social Media, the vice-versa thing doesn’t work here at all.

That’s it. Look Up is good but it is flawed. Too much of one thing can be dangerous as well.

Playing is good and sharing how awesome you guys looked while playing or how much fun you had with Shivam Jha and 5 other people is not wrong either.

Share or not to share is a personal call anyway. Still, I think a little ego boost hurts no one, right?

My name is Shivam and You are awesome.

Thanks for reading. Any comments and criticism is much appreciated!



I fail to understand how attacking and destroying/damaging public property, in any way, is a mark of protest.

Attacking and vandalizing public transport buses are the first image you would see on news channels whenever there is a communal fight. The very public property that is purchased and maintained from our own money is set ablaze even at the drop of a hat from their political masters.

I also get amazed at how we have so many people who are sitting idle at their homes waiting for such a news to come, raid the roads to attack innocent, innocuous office-goers/business-doers.

Fruit/vegetable vendors, rickshaw drivers, shop owners are the first ones to face the ire of these morons. They not only lose business but during such situations the rioters get a free run to the loot them.

I wonder if the rioters are in the wait of such opportunities to stock up their monthly ration.

Why I write this today? Some moron allegedly from the official minority community of India posted a morphed picture of Shivaji, inviting the official majority community of India to thrash him, which they did.

He asked for it himself , if I may add.

BUT But but.. This gave some idiots a reason to stop public transport buses, beat up some people, cause them trouble and nuisance, disrupt public life.

Now only if someone could beat them up too – I would say acche din aane wale hain.

India_Parliament_Mayhem__systems@deccanmail t2

Half Glass Water 2

Part One here. 

So I discussed about the different perceptions different humans may have about a glass containing water upto its half length. Let’s look at the conventional Half Glass water problem from a different perspective. (Spoiler: Nerd POV)

What if a glass of water was, all of a sudden, literally half empty?

—Vittorio Iacovella

The pessimist is probably more right about how it turns out than the optimist.

When people say “glass half empty”, they usually mean something like a glass containing equal parts water and air:

Traditionally, the optimist sees the glass as half full while the pessimist sees it as half empty.

This has spawned a zillion joke variants—e.g., the engineer sees a glass that’s twice as big as it needs to be, the surrealist sees a giraffe eating a necktie, etc. which I mentioned in the first part.

But what if the empty half of the glass were actually empty—a vacuum? (Even a vacuum arguably isn’t truly empty, but that’s a question for quantum semantics.)

The vacuum would definitely not last long. But exactly what happens depends on a key question that nobody usually bothers to ask: Which half is empty?

For our scenario, we’ll imagine three different half-empty glasses, and follow what happens to them microsecond by microsecond.

In the middle is the traditional air/water glass. On the right is a glass like the traditional one, except the air is replaced by a vacuum. The glass on the left is half full of water and half empty—but it’s the bottom half that’s empty.

Now let me try and apply some physics that I learnt in class this year and put it to some practical use for the benefit of humanity as a whole and not just for the sake of getting awarded marks.

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Half Glass Water?

Perceptions can change your world.
Is the glass half empty or half full? is a common expression, used rhetorically to indicate that a particular situation could be a cause for optimism (half full) or pessimism (half empty), or as a general litmus test to simply determine an individual’s worldview.
The purpose of the question is to demonstrate that the situation may be seen in different ways depending on one’s point of view and that there may be opportunity in the situation as well as trouble.

Optimist: Glass is half full.

Pessimist: Glass is half empty.

Realist: Both of them are right.

Engineer: Glass is twice the size it needs to be.

Cynic: Who the hell drank the other half?

Worrier: The remaining half will evaporate in the next hour.

Opportunist: Thanks for debating while I drink it.

Nihilist: Throw it away, I don’t care

Nudist: Enough for me, I am gonna undress and bath now. If you wish to go, GO.

Dude: Sorry no water, only Redbull.

Babe: Full glass please with a hint of lime, I am dieting baby.

Banker: Please pour it on my sponge, I need to count notes

Alcoholic: No problems, fill it with Blenders Pride…add ice cubes too

Humourist: Full or half, it is two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen. HAHA.

Programmer: Glass is full-empty.

Magacian: I can put the full-half on top.

Call-Center: Remain on the line while we find out for you. (Your call is important to them)


Pseudo Feminist: Give it to the woman in the family and yes you are bigoted, Chauvinist, Biased, Prejudiced and Sexist

Pseudosecular: No Gangajal okay else you’ll lose my support.

Glass: I am not ‘a glass’. I am just made of glass. ._.

Me: Are you sure that ain’t piss?

But who cares, cheerio.




I am just another 16year old highly functioning sociopath living in New Delhi, India. An amateur blogger.

I began blogging only this year after I read an article on how the social media and internet are taking over our lives and killing off productivity among teenager. Although the report was about North American youth, I read the whole article and felt perplexed. Well, I have had access to Internet for about 6 years now, and all I had ever done … was checked my email thrice a day, randomly stalked my school crushes on Facebook, browse the trending topics on Twitter, read my RSS feeds, looked up my favorite band and shows on Wikipedia, vanity googled myself everyday, google-earthed my own home, cyber-stalked my ex, going broke in online poker and then reliving rags to riches again and again.

Well, I had never tried blogging! With the new year was approaching, and my lovely English teacher advising me to write anything on a regular basis other than journal, to improve upon my writing, I began on Tumblr. And it was a pretty good experience, I managed to attract some followers and pester people till they read my articles. After 6 months and 99 articles published, I feel its time to step it up a notch to a somewhat pro blogging site. So after sorting out the dreadful customizing issues, I’m hitting with WordPress. Let the migration begin.

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